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Disability Insurance Awareness Month-May

Disability Insurance Awareness Month May

Disability Insurance, Remember if you have an accident, your bills don't stop when you can't work, with this insurance you can get help paying them when you can't work. You can more details and get the coverage through Craig R. Schillig. Fill out our contact Form Below.

Disability Insurance: This insurance provides benefits if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury. It replaces a portion of your income.

Need for Disability Insurance: The risk of disability is higher than most realize, with 1-in-5 Americans living with a disability and over 1-in-4 20-year-olds becoming disabled before retirement. It’s essential for income protection, regardless of your job’s nature or your marital status.

Benefits for Business Owners: Business owners can protect their income, safeguard against the loss of key employees, and secure their business interests with disability insurance.

Policy Details: After becoming disabled, there’s a waiting period (30 to 365 days) before benefits start. While lifetime coverage is available, it’s costly. Most opt for benefits until age 65, with options for partial benefits if you can work part-time.

Sources of Disability Insurance: It’s available through private insurers (individual or group policies) and government programs. Private insurance offers more comprehensive benefits but at a higher cost. Government programs provide limited benefits and shouldn’t be the sole reliance for income protection.

Watch a Video and get more details about Disability Insurance:  Life happens website  Disability Insurance 101

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